TL-56 Twitter List

The following is a list (in progress) of the twitter accounts and relative Gnome Clones of our members. Our current Gnome Clone count is over 130 (updated), and now it’s time to collect them all in one place so that we can have at least some idea of which Lilli is which. If you’re a Gnome Clone and you’re not on this list yet, send me a reply on Twitter (@Psynister) or leave a comment with your information here.

Follow all of the Gnome Clones on twitter!

You can also follow Punt This on twitter to keep up with our latest blog posts.

NOTE: This is not the entire Gnome Army list as we have well over 100 Gnomes enlisted. These are only those people who have a twitter account and have requested/allowed for me to add their twitter information to this list.

_anea Lillicake
_Angelya Lillijill
_vidyala Lillivid
Achloryn Lillifuzz
aliceinazeroth Lillifrazz
Asmenedas Lilliasm
Ataraxaven Lilliilli
AtrophyAnnie Lillidora
Azerothapple Lillidan
Battlechicken Lilliber
blamesquelchy Lillisquelch
Brett_Porter Lillilight
Bulidar Lillipot
catulla Lillidemain
Dakotarik Lillideville
DangDangFool Lillifool
dcwm Lillibug
DiscoPriest Lilliputz
dracojager Lillironn
Druidis4fite Lillibabe
EpicPennyPouch Lillitan
fannon451 Lillifleur
Frosted_Miika Lillimii Lillifyn
Fynralyl Lillifyn
Gnomeaggedon Lilliaggedon
ILikeBubbles Lillilol
ImraithD Lillibilli Lilliraith
Indigodragyn Lillikettle
jagoex Lillijag
jberryshake Lillilynn
Jezi_Belle Lillifrost
JoarGarrosh Lillijoar
JRWStormy Lillimenta Lillistorm
Kialesse Lillikia
KissMyAlas Lilli
KoleBigEars Lillilithic Lillishade Lillidark
Kotakh Lillikot
kryptonite0106 Lilliipot
LiteDoctor Lillicath
LilliOma Lillichilli
lordkaladar Lilitomlin
MaeliNexi Lillimae
mageic Lillique
Mangara Lilliki
Manglehaft Lillibud Lillimangle
Marariel Lilliriel
meggyo79 Lillililli
Mishaweha Lillimisha
netraven001 Lillichan
Psynister Lillivanilli Lilliloki
quietambition Lilliloquy
rakaelwhispers Lillizapper Lillilady Lillilocks
ralod Lillidol
relysh Lillijibbi
Rezznul Lillirezz
rosaamarilla Lillimburger
rowanf Lillirosz
Shadowspawned Lilliputtin
soetzufit Lillizu
Technophobia Lillimenthe Lilliveritas Lillisombras
TheAIY Lillidowner
ThePinkPally Lilliprit
Tinkertoytank Lillitoytank
walkstweets Lillificent
WarbonezDPS Lillibonez
wowcynwise Lillicyn
wowopa Lillilulu Lillilittle
Zaralynda Lillilyn

_Reliq_ Lillii
Anuillae Lillianu
huntarded Lillee
SpellboundSaga Liilly


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