Introductory Manual

Welcome to the official weblog of <Punt This>, a guild of identical gnome clones spawned from the Clone-o-tron 5000 and the Alpha Lilli.

The original idea behind this guild was simple: create an army of identical gnomes for people to PvP with. An army of gnome clone twinks, dedicated to spreading the cause of science, storming the battlegrounds of Azeroth in terrifying unison.

The idea evolved as we created our Master Plan – create a place where people can learn to PvP and twink in a casual, friendly environment. It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you’re a gnome clone named Lilli with absurd pineapple hair surrounded by a hundred identical sisters. This is a place for WoW players to come enjoy themselves, have fun, and learn about low level twinking and PvP.

It is also a place for people to have crazy amounts of silly fun by throwing impromptu flash mob dance parties in unexpected places. The source genetic material for Lilli enjoys dancing. (And pinching night elves.)

Gnome clones should be created and geared according to the documents specified on this website. Heirlooms are not required, and are not part of our uniform. Gear has been selected to be relatively easy to get without long grinds, but effort is required. The Lillis pull together to help each other gear up.

If you are interested in joining:

  • Create a gnome clone according to the Clone Appearance Guide.
  • Please feel free to use the bags, gear, and consumables in the guild bank.
  • Level to 24 and lock your XP by visiting Behsten in SW keep. This will require 10g, which can be withdrawn from the guild bank coffers.
  • Gear up according to the Clone Dress Code. Enchants are available in the 24 tab of the guild bank.

Further documents about PvP in the 20-24 bracket are available in the Military Documents category of this website.

While you don’t need a Twitter account to roll in <Punt This>, Lilli is very active on Twitter. You can follow her (and updates from this site) at @PuntThis. You can see many of our members on the TL-56 Twitter List, and search Twitter for the #GnomeClones hashtag.

On Durotan (US chapter), we have a public Twitter channel that many of the members of <Punt This> hang out in when they are on non-Lilli alts. /join Twitter and see who’s on!

<Punt This> is very much a community effort. We really appreciate all of the time, materials, and assistance our members put in. It takes a lot of effort (and ore) to create an army of gnome clones, and we really appreciate everyone pitching in in so many ways.

If you are interested in contributing to this website, please contact Cynwise. All the other Lillis would appreciate hearing your stories and advice as you build your clone. Don’t be shy! This website is for all of us!


5 thoughts on “Introductory Manual

  1. I recommend installing the Addon Identity ( It allows you to set a nickname the displays after your toon name when posting in chat. With many of us from Twitter participating, this will give people a chance to to associate a Twitter name with a toon.

    Set up is as follows:
    /id on
    /id main
    /id enable

    for example mine would be:
    /id on
    /id main Shadowspawnd
    /id enable guild,5

    with 5 being the channel number when I did /join Twitter

    • Chatter also allows you to associate a main with the name of any toon. You just have to right click the name in the chat window and enter the name you want to know them by. Chatter also automatically displays the public note associated with each toon, so if our names are in the note it will already be there.

  2. How can I email you? Sorry for the dorky question. I want to send you a screen shot of my toon to make sure I rolled her with the correct face/eyes selected. Then I can start leveling her. 🙂

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