Clone Appearance Guide

The gnomish race is renowned for its ingenuity, engineering knowledge, and ability to create fantastical inventions.

The Gnome Clones of the <Punt This> Army are one such technological marvel.

Based upon extensive research, Gnome Clones all have the following characteristics.

  • Name: Each member is identified by “Lilli” and then some unique identifiers, e.g. Lillipad.
  • Server: Durotan-A (US) or Stormrage-A (EU)
  • Class: Cloth classes: Mage, Priest, Warlock.
  • Race: Gnome.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Maximum Level: 24.
  • Hair Style: Any to start with, but the “Punky” cut should be acquired at the earliest opportunity.
  • Hair Color: Blonde-white preferred. Any of the three white shades acceptable.
  • Skin Color: Third shade from the lightest.
  • Face: Freckled with angular blue eyes.
  • Professions: Engineering required. Mining or Skinning recommended.

The picture above can be used as a reference when creating the clone. Minor variations will be tolerated, but may be subject to future correction with the Clone-o-tron-5000.


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