New Year’s Eve Caroling

Who’s up for a Lilli holiday carol this New Year’s Eve?

@Litedoctor suggested that we go festively caroling through the cities of Azeroth wearing Gaudy Winter Veil Sweaters, visiting both the Horde and Alliance capitals, singing and dancing and drinking in the new year. Perhaps we will even pick up A-Caroling We Will Go!

A lot of people have plans for New Year’s Eve, so let me just ask – if we did this around 9-10 PM EST tomorrow, would you be able to attend?

Let your fellow Lillis know if you can!

Update 12/31: Looks like 10 might be a better time for more folks?


Pilgrim’s Peril

Pilgrim’s Peril requires players to sit at the tables of the opposing faction while wearing Pilgrim’s Bounty garb.

This sounds like an opportunity for gnomish holiday mayhem upon the Horde and Alliance alike.

First draft of the plan – scatter AF members at strategic points near the Horde tables. Form raid of gnomes, use HGWT to move raid around. Roll barker toons Hordeside to play up the impending gnome invasion and attrack attention. Flashmob each table for 5 minutes then move on to the next. Finish in UC with possible deaths.

Victory tour of Alliance tables for Pilgrim’s Paunch is an option with Mage ports / HGWT.

Max Chaos Option: encourage formation of For The Alliance raid at same time through Trade barkers.

Have to work around raids etc for scheduling. Does tomorrow at 8:45 EST work?

Please discuss plan in comments below, Lillis!

Lillistrider is BEST Strider

I was thinking about this last night – what should Lilli ride? Should we have a standard mount, a recommended mount set, or just let folks ride whatever they like?

Let’s leave this open until, say, Friday?