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Warlock from Northshire. I write about the battlegrounds of Azeroth, warlockery, auction house tomfoolery, and assorted other Warcraft topics on my various blogs. I love the smell of seaforium in the morning.

Lilli Links!

Lillis have been active on their blogs! Here are some of the great Lilliposts we’ve seen on the Netherweb:

And thanks to everyone who has added us to their blogrolls and joined in the merry gnome fun!

Side note: anyone want to make a Lillipost? 🙂


Fashionable Eyewear Selection Guide

Tonight, while restocking the bank, I noticed that one of the Lillis had placed a pair of  Spellpower Goggles Xtreme in the first tab.”Oh nice,” I exclaimed, because not only are they fashionable, they have +18 Intellect, which is pretty darn good at level 24.

“Are they better than the Gnomish Goggles, though?” came the question. It’s a good question, and the answer is a resounding: it depends.

The Gnomish Goggles are best in slot for the three classes Lilli plays in this PvP bracket because they provide Stamina, Spirit, and Intellect. The Stamina is key for PvP; none of the other helms available in this range come close. For general-purpose PvP for the three cloth classes, these are excellent choices.

But one of the fun parts of twinking is learning how to evaluate small differences in gear and evaluate them for your class, for the task you want to perform, and for your playstyle.

I put together a simple wowhead search for headpieces available for level 24 priests. To do this, I just set the filters to:

  • Max Level: 24
  • Filter: Available to Players (Yes)
  • Stat Weighting, Preset: Priest, Discipline
(You can change the filters to match your class as needed.)

This then pulls up a filtered list. Some of the results still make no sense – level 55 helms just aren’t available – but most of them do. The key to reading the results is to look for item entries with white text underneath them – this will tell you how the item is gotten in game, be it profession, zone drop, quest reward, whatever.

There are three helms I’d focus on:

Each one of these can be excellent in very specific instances.

The Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator is fantastic for PvE priests. Healing priests will love this because of the high Int/Spi combo, and the lack of Stamina shouldn’t matter because there should be a tank around. While the Lightning Discharge is an awesome surprise attack for PvP, the CD is such that you’d want to equip it early on, surprise the enemy, then switch to something with more Stamina.

The Spellpower Goggles Xtreme are the perfect Glass Cannon goggles, awesome for Lillis who don’t care if they live or die. Mages especially would like this one, with Warlocks and Priests also finding them very useful for putting out raw damage. If you’re focused on DPS in PvE, or in PvP for burst, these are great. Their lack of any Stamina is a drawback in PvP, though.

The Gnomish Goggles are great PvP goggles. Even though they have Spirit, they’re great for Mages and Warlocks because of their high Stamina. The Intellect is good enough, and the Spirit is good for Priests, but it’s the Stamina that sets these apart and is why they are part of the dress code.

It’s perfectly okay to get all of these, and switch between them as the situation demands. Twinks commonly switch out pieces using the in-game Equipment Manager and /equipset macros or dragging the equipment sets to their action bars; this allows them to optimize their gear on the fly.

So, while there’s a best in slot for PvP, it’s also nice to look around and see what other gear is available. Different situations call for different eyewear, after all!

Dance, Tall People of Stormwind!

It started as a simple idea: Gnome Clone flash mob dance party in front of the engineering trainer.

The Lillis dropped our important work and converged on Stormwind.

Some of us brought rats. The rats knew how to dance, we don’t discriminate.

At first, our audience was but a single, aloof Draenei shaman, who stoically refused to join in our dancing and the joy it promised.

The call went out over the Netherweb. Dance party. Stormwind. Come, Lilli. Come dance.

More of our sisters joined us. We are 100 strong now, the Lilli army. The Clone-o-tron 5000 steadily churns out copies of the Alpha Lilli. The gnomish destiny is not to be denied.

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Warsong Gulch Familiarization Videos

I realized that I have several videos already shot in Warsong Gulch which may be helpful if you have never tried PvP.

Here’s my Children’s Week guide. I’d start with this one, I narrate it.

While it’s discussing the School of Hard Knocks, it’s a good tour of the BG.

And finally, raw videos from my Shaman blog. Good for watching the games, but no commentary.

Lillistrider is BEST Strider

I was thinking about this last night – what should Lilli ride? Should we have a standard mount, a recommended mount set, or just let folks ride whatever they like?

Let’s leave this open until, say, Friday?

Recommended PvP Addons

I know a lot of people don’t use PvP addons, but I do recommend two lightweight ones to help with your adventures in Warsong Gulch.

  • SaySapped – says “Sapped” when you are sapped by a rogue, alerting folks around you that you have been incapacitated. Very lightweight. You can modify the LUA to /y instead of /s.
  • Healers Have to Die – if you have nameplates on, HHTD will identify healers – friendly or enemy – so you know who to protect or focus. (There are two related posts on CBM.)
Another one that I recommend, that you’re likely already running, is DBM with the PvP module enabled (which is default.) DBM will display things like the current flag carrier and enemy flag carriers, timers on nodes in Arathi Basin, timers for flag respawns in WSG. It’s generally useful and should be left on. 🙂
While there are a lot of other PvP addons you could use, these are probably the two that make the biggest difference to one’s play.
(Other suggestions welcome in the comments!)