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The Death of a Gnome Army

This post is overdue. And for that, I apologize.

Sometime in the first week of March, the guild <Punt This> was destroyed. The guild bank was taken, but more importantly, the guild bond which brought the Lillis together was taken away.

At that time, guild leaders needed to log in to the GM character every 30 days or else they would be dethroned, with the rank becoming available to any character of nearby rank. In the case of <Punt This>, with its extremely flat hierarchy, this meant that any of some 125 Lilli characters were eligible for the job. One of the Lillis assumed control, transferred the guild off server, and took the guild bank with them.

I was devastated by this betrayal.

Blizzard confirmed for me that the guild had been transferred, but could not disclose the identity of the thief. I spent those first few days scanning a lot of auction houses, looking for the characteristic +22 Intellect enchant which made up the bulk of the <Punt This> guild bank. But nothing came up.

February had already been a tough month for me with WoW; I was barely logging in at all to any of my characters, let alone my Lilli. Many of my friends had stopped playing, and Amicus Fidelis – the host guild on Durotan – was going on a raiding hiatus. I offer this not as an excuse, but as an explanation for why the dethroning happened.

But I can’t explain why a Lilli would sell out other people’s enjoyment for a few thousand gold.

I don’t think I’ve every laughed harder at people’s antics in a video game than I did with the Lillis. These little pint-sized clones brought a lot of joy into a game that doesn’t always have it. They – you – brought a dose of silliness and mayhem and a spark of life to WoW.

That someone saw fit to snap the bonds which brought people together to have fun – silly, zany, madcap fun – really upset me. Perhaps I should have known better and trusted less, limited invites, vetted applicants, asked for blood samples to power the Clone-o-tron 5000.

But doing so would have been against the point of <Punt This>.

I didn’t want to talk about it at the time, even though I should have. And for that I am sorry. It hurt too much.I can say that now, but I couldn’t say it back then. We’d built a little haven from the grimness of Warcraft and it was ours, and someone took it from us. And worst of all, I let them.

It was my mistake, and I am really, truly, sorry for it.

I wanted to thank all the Lillis for helping to build something ephemeral and wonderful. Everyone pitched in to help, be it gathering mats or helping to write articles or even just leveling a Lilli. It was an amazing time, an amazing thing to witness. Thank you. If someone else wants to pick up this torch and carry it, please – do so. No Lilli is irreplaceable, not even this one.

Special thanks need to be given to Psynister, Fynralyl, and Narci for providing a massive underpinning of support on Durotan for this endeavor, and for Alas the crucial driving force behind <Punt This>.

I’m sorry it ended this way, but I’m glad to have shared these memories with you all.

I, for one, will miss all us crazy white pineapple-haired gnomes.


Good night, Lilli.


A Caroling We Went!

Any time the Lillis get together, there’s bound to be mayhem, frivolity…

… and excellent fashion choices.

While waiting for the sacrificial summons to be moved into position, <Punt This> amused themselves on New Year’s Eve in grand gnomish clonish tradition, by getting smashed, putting on their holiday outfits, and taking a dip in the local hot tub.

It wasn’t hot until the Lillis got in it.

There may have been some behavior that the tall ones would consider “inappropriate,” but the local populace did not seem to mind.

Once all were assembled and in place, we began our journey to bring holiday joy and good spirits to the Horde capitals!

It may or may not be true that the local constabulary were called in for a group of gnomes disturbing the peace. If true, it is entirely coincidental.


The blood elves of Silvermoon City were most appreciative of our caroling.

Their Arcane Patrollers, however, were less impressed, so we moved on quickly, despite applause from our fine elven hosts.


Ah, the Undercity.

The acoustics were incredible.

The smell, however, was pretty bad. Not going to lie, having enhanced senses (as all Lillis do, thanks Clone-o-matic 5000) sometimes has drawbacks.


Based on our last excursion to Thunder Bluff, we decided to spend some time exploring the base of the bluffs, to allow our angelic voices to carry up to the celebrating Horde.

We may have also planted explosives. You can’t prove anything.


Finally, to the home of the orcs!

Perched high atop one of the rocks of Durotar, we sang our holiday songs, bringing in the new year and wishing all the best to our enemies.

No, really! We meant the best.

Unfortunately, their guards did not see it quite the same way, so our outing ended in many of the ways Lilli-outings end:


Much fun was had by all. Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend our New Year’s Eve celebration, and thanks to @lordkaladar and @zaralynda for taking such awesome screenshots!

New Year’s Eve Caroling

Who’s up for a Lilli holiday carol this New Year’s Eve?

@Litedoctor suggested that we go festively caroling through the cities of Azeroth wearing Gaudy Winter Veil Sweaters, visiting both the Horde and Alliance capitals, singing and dancing and drinking in the new year. Perhaps we will even pick up A-Caroling We Will Go!

A lot of people have plans for New Year’s Eve, so let me just ask – if we did this around 9-10 PM EST tomorrow, would you be able to attend?

Let your fellow Lillis know if you can!

Update 12/31: Looks like 10 might be a better time for more folks?

Lowbie Locked Brackets Currently Bugged

Some of you have no doubt noticed that there is a problem queueing for the level 24 locked bracket since 4.3 was released – queue times are really high and never seem to pop.

This is happening in the locked 19 bracket as well, but eventually those queues are popping. There’s no sign of the 24 bracket popping. Other twinks confirm this on twinkinfo.

This is probably a patch-related bug, though other locked queues (the 70s) aren’t acting this way.

Blizzard is looking into the matter.

Pilgrim’s Peril

Pilgrim’s Peril requires players to sit at the tables of the opposing faction while wearing Pilgrim’s Bounty garb.

This sounds like an opportunity for gnomish holiday mayhem upon the Horde and Alliance alike.

First draft of the plan – scatter AF members at strategic points near the Horde tables. Form raid of gnomes, use HGWT to move raid around. Roll barker toons Hordeside to play up the impending gnome invasion and attrack attention. Flashmob each table for 5 minutes then move on to the next. Finish in UC with possible deaths.

Victory tour of Alliance tables for Pilgrim’s Paunch is an option with Mage ports / HGWT.

Max Chaos Option: encourage formation of For The Alliance raid at same time through Trade barkers.

Have to work around raids etc for scheduling. Does tomorrow at 8:45 EST work?

Please discuss plan in comments below, Lillis!