The Death of a Gnome Army

This post is overdue. And for that, I apologize.

Sometime in the first week of March, the guild <Punt This> was destroyed. The guild bank was taken, but more importantly, the guild bond which brought the Lillis together was taken away.

At that time, guild leaders needed to log in to the GM character every 30 days or else they would be dethroned, with the rank becoming available to any character of nearby rank. In the case of <Punt This>, with its extremely flat hierarchy, this meant that any of some 125 Lilli characters were eligible for the job. One of the Lillis assumed control, transferred the guild off server, and took the guild bank with them.

I was devastated by this betrayal.

Blizzard confirmed for me that the guild had been transferred, but could not disclose the identity of the thief. I spent those first few days scanning a lot of auction houses, looking for the characteristic +22 Intellect enchant which made up the bulk of the <Punt This> guild bank. But nothing came up.

February had already been a tough month for me with WoW; I was barely logging in at all to any of my characters, let alone my Lilli. Many of my friends had stopped playing, and Amicus Fidelis – the host guild on Durotan – was going on a raiding hiatus. I offer this not as an excuse, but as an explanation for why the dethroning happened.

But I can’t explain why a Lilli would sell out other people’s enjoyment for a few thousand gold.

I don’t think I’ve every laughed harder at people’s antics in a video game than I did with the Lillis. These little pint-sized clones brought a lot of joy into a game that doesn’t always have it. They – you – brought a dose of silliness and mayhem and a spark of life to WoW.

That someone saw fit to snap the bonds which brought people together to have fun – silly, zany, madcap fun – really upset me. Perhaps I should have known better and trusted less, limited invites, vetted applicants, asked for blood samples to power the Clone-o-tron 5000.

But doing so would have been against the point of <Punt This>.

I didn’t want to talk about it at the time, even though I should have. And for that I am sorry. It hurt too much.I can say that now, but I couldn’t say it back then. We’d built a little haven from the grimness of Warcraft and it was ours, and someone took it from us. And worst of all, I let them.

It was my mistake, and I am really, truly, sorry for it.

I wanted to thank all the Lillis for helping to build something ephemeral and wonderful. Everyone pitched in to help, be it gathering mats or helping to write articles or even just leveling a Lilli. It was an amazing time, an amazing thing to witness. Thank you. If someone else wants to pick up this torch and carry it, please – do so. No Lilli is irreplaceable, not even this one.

Special thanks need to be given to Psynister, Fynralyl, and Narci for providing a massive underpinning of support on Durotan for this endeavor, and for Alas the crucial driving force behind <Punt This>.

I’m sorry it ended this way, but I’m glad to have shared these memories with you all.

I, for one, will miss all us crazy white pineapple-haired gnomes.


Good night, Lilli.