Oh Darn: A Tragedy in 6 Acts

Screenshots from @lordkaladar.


7 thoughts on “Oh Darn: A Tragedy in 6 Acts

      • Yep, Punt This on Durotan is gone. I logged in yesterday to do my usual cooking and fishing dailies to find myself unguilded. Searched WoW Armory and the guild is gone from Durotan.

        The GM had been inactive long enough that anyone could’ve taken leadership, the little red note had been at the top of my guild window for over a week.

      • Aw, man. I wish someone had said something. I could have logged in – I’ve just been playing other toons. 😦

        Oh well. We’ll see if the ticket can restore it. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  1. So, I’m guessing the guild is dead? I haven’t gotten any replies from my attempts to contact Cynwise. My Lilli is unguilded. I’m so very sad that our grand plan to take over the universe (at least the lvl 24 universe) failed. *waves farewell to all the Lillies*

    • I’m sorry that you’ve been having trouble getting a hold of me – were you trying in game? I’m usually pretty easy to get on Twitter or email, but I am not playing on Durotan very much anymore. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted – the theft of Punt This was a tough blow – but I’ve tried to follow up with what I know happened.

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