A Caroling We Went!

Any time the Lillis get together, there’s bound to be mayhem, frivolity…

… and excellent fashion choices.

While waiting for the sacrificial summons to be moved into position, <Punt This> amused themselves on New Year’s Eve in grand gnomish clonish tradition, by getting smashed, putting on their holiday outfits, and taking a dip in the local hot tub.

It wasn’t hot until the Lillis got in it.

There may have been some behavior that the tall ones would consider “inappropriate,” but the local populace did not seem to mind.

Once all were assembled and in place, we began our journey to bring holiday joy and good spirits to the Horde capitals!

It may or may not be true that the local constabulary were called in for a group of gnomes disturbing the peace. If true, it is entirely coincidental.


The blood elves of Silvermoon City were most appreciative of our caroling.

Their Arcane Patrollers, however, were less impressed, so we moved on quickly, despite applause from our fine elven hosts.


Ah, the Undercity.

The acoustics were incredible.

The smell, however, was pretty bad. Not going to lie, having enhanced senses (as all Lillis do, thanks Clone-o-matic 5000) sometimes has drawbacks.


Based on our last excursion to Thunder Bluff, we decided to spend some time exploring the base of the bluffs, to allow our angelic voices to carry up to the celebrating Horde.

We may have also planted explosives. You can’t prove anything.


Finally, to the home of the orcs!

Perched high atop one of the rocks of Durotar, we sang our holiday songs, bringing in the new year and wishing all the best to our enemies.

No, really! We meant the best.

Unfortunately, their guards did not see it quite the same way, so our outing ended in many of the ways Lilli-outings end:


Much fun was had by all. Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend our New Year’s Eve celebration, and thanks to @lordkaladar and @zaralynda for taking such awesome screenshots!

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