Lowbie Locked Brackets Currently Bugged

Some of you have no doubt noticed that there is a problem queueing for the level 24 locked bracket since 4.3 was released – queue times are really high and never seem to pop.

This is happening in the locked 19 bracket as well, but eventually those queues are popping. There’s no sign of the 24 bracket popping. Other twinks confirm this on twinkinfo.

This is probably a patch-related bug, though other locked queues (the 70s) aren’t acting this way.

Blizzard is looking into the matter.


2 thoughts on “Lowbie Locked Brackets Currently Bugged

  1. After my tweet I realized that it wasn’t 4.3 that caused this – I distinctly remember showing off my Tyrael’s Charger to the F2P crowd. So I think it started after the server restarts that followed 4.3.

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