Pilgrim’s Peril

Pilgrim’s Peril requires players to sit at the tables of the opposing faction while wearing Pilgrim’s Bounty garb.

This sounds like an opportunity for gnomish holiday mayhem upon the Horde and Alliance alike.

First draft of the plan – scatter AF members at strategic points near the Horde tables. Form raid of gnomes, use HGWT to move raid around. Roll barker toons Hordeside to play up the impending gnome invasion and attrack attention. Flashmob each table for 5 minutes then move on to the next. Finish in UC with possible deaths.

Victory tour of Alliance tables for Pilgrim’s Paunch is an option with Mage ports / HGWT.

Max Chaos Option: encourage formation of For The Alliance raid at same time through Trade barkers.

Have to work around raids etc for scheduling. Does tomorrow at 8:45 EST work?

Please discuss plan in comments below, Lillis!


11 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Peril

  1. That all sounds good to me. Getting a FtA group organised can be a pain sometimes, but it’s not crucial to what we’re trying to accomplish anyway.

    I wouldn’t mind showing up on my priest as a PvP escort if we can’t manage the FtA, though.

  2. Sounds like fun! Too bad I’ll be caught somewhere between scarfing dinner and heading into a raid. Can’t wait to see pics and read write-ups though!

  3. Is there going to be a raid leader for this gnome clone event or just slightly organized mayhem?

    • Self-organizing gnome mob!

      In all seriousness, I was planning on being there to help organize. Work is causing some issues that may delay me though. 😦

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