Pilgrim’s Bounty Lilli’s Cooking Hacks

Pilgirm’s Bounty is here, and with it comes the opportunity to level your Lilli’s cooking to 300 at a fraction of the usual time and cost.  Here are some tips specifically for Lillis.

    • Lillis can level their cooking to 300 for roughly 3g 75s and about an hour’s work.
    • Cynwise has updated his Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide for this year.
    • Wow-professons.com has a Pilgrim’s Bounty Leveling Guide.
    • Wowhead has a guide to the entire holiday.
    • [Spice Bread Stuffing] is the answer to your Gnomer woes.  Regen’s mana quickly AND provides 3.25% hit rating.  Only lasts the length of the holdiday, so spam that dungeon!
    • The last 15 cooking levels require turkeys. Use this macro to make it easier now that your target shows up on the minimap:

/tar wild
/cast [nodead] Arcane Barrage (insert your own instant cast spell here)

    • Mages don’t forget to visit the Portal Trainer to learn your city teleports.
    • For our Horde friends, Ironforge can be reached through the tram in Stormwind’s Dwarven District and the Bounty event is outside the front gate.
    • To get to Darnassus, go to the left pier in the SW Harbor and take the boat.  In Teldrassil run into the pinkish portal.  The Bounty event is just south of the Warrior’s Terrace.

Any other tips please leave in comments!


5 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Bounty Lilli’s Cooking Hacks

  1. Just a reminder to all our Lillimages to train your Teleport spells to major cities. You can’t make ports for others, but you can warp yourself around. It makes this even more broken. XD

    • Also note the Teleport spells are on Portal Trainers, not Mage Trainers (though they’re usually standing nearby) which is why it’s sometimes easy to forget training them.

  2. If you get the turkey caller as one of the daily quest rewards, when you’re running around you can use it to get a love starved turkey to come after you. Kill it and you’ve got a turkey to cook.

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