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Cynwise talked before about some recommended PvP addons, SaySapped and HealersHavetoDie.  These are extremely useful in BGs, and I want to echo my support for these.  I’d also like to point out Psynister’s comment to change the Say-Sapped output to /y.  The default is /s (white) which is so bland nobody will notice it.  The ugly /y red text will get people’s attention.

But today I want to briefly talk about two three other addons for those that may want to min/max their PvP setup some more.  If you’re UI is pretty close to default and you like it that way, I’d skip this article.  The two addons Cynwise discussed are more than enough to be an effective Lilli.

First is a great addon called BattleGroundTargets.  Think of it as Grid/Vuhdo, except for enemy players.  Displays small class-colored health bars for every enemy in a BG (and only in a BG).  It can be configured to show emblems for your target, your focus and the player carrying the flag.  Finally, displays the role of each enemy according to their spec, and you can even sort by role so that the healers are grouped at the top.

BGTargets is fairly straight forward to set up, just be sure to move the 10v10 and 15v15 displays to the side of the screen and down (resizing to smaller if needed) as the default location is a little silly.  If you run battlegrounds on upper-level characters, also resize and move the 40v40 setup, as you’ll have to make it pretty small to fit it comfortably.

The second addon has no visual component, instead the addon speaks directly to Lillis.  Literally.  GladiatorlosSA uses text-to-speech software to “say” when enemies are using certain spells.  At max level this addon requires significant setup as the built-in options are pretty huge.  Luckily, in the 24 bracket there are just not that many classes with massive burst/survivability spells, so we can strip out all the unnecessary information and stick with the meat.

After downloading GladiatiorlosSA, go through each tab in the menu and unclick every spell.  If you do higher level PvP, it may be worth your time to fully customize the addon, but for the 24 bracket we have exactly two pieces of information we want to hear.  Trinkets and Big Heals; these are the only selections you’ll want to keep checked.  If you play Arena, set the trinket announce to “PvP Trinketed Class” on the Special Abilities tab. The stock setting is just to announce “trinket” and that is the only setting outside of arena, still very useful information.

“Big Heal” is the second major piece of information you’ll want to hear about, as every Lilli can do something about it.  It announces “Big Heal” as the enemy healer starts casting a slow, massive heal (i.e Greater Heal for Priests).  This is more than enough notice for Mages to Counterspell.  Priests and Locks may not be able to get a Fear off before that heal is cast, but that’s not the big benefit for them.  If an enemy healer has the space to cast a big, slow heal, they need to be dealt with post-haste as they are about to completely reset the battle.  Fearing them out of the area accomplished this; as does throwing some dps at them to shift their focus.


OK, thought of a third addon, BG Defender, that will help the Lillis both of the battlegrounds we play in. This addon is amazing for quickly getting information out to pugs.

Above is the small UI component for BG Defender, which will only display in battlegrounds.  This addon works best in Arathi Basin, Battle for Gilneas, Eye of the Storm and Alterac Valley, the node capture battlegrounds, and in Tol Barad.  It’s also situationally useful in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks.

If you were guarding Stables in Arathi Basin and saw three enemy players heading your way, hitting the “3” above will output in BG chat: Stables 3 Incoming.  Calling incoming and clears never got easier.   The only option to configure is to uncheck “Display BGDefender before each message”.


Happy Hunting Lillis!


5 thoughts on “Advanced PvP addons

  1. I’ve been using Battleground Targets and have found it to be a good addition. My UI is getting kind of cramped, so I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it – but knowing who the healers are right away really does help. I really, REALLY need to monkey with the settings, though – the default location (where I have it) *is* silly. Definitely need to shrink it down.

    The TTS addon sounds really interesting. I don’t play with sound on reliably enough to run with it, but that’s an entirely different problem.

    Thanks for the links!

    • What’s nice about BGTargets is that is still functions well when you shrink it down a lot. I’d play with the settings, I bet you could find a way to keep it. Here’s a shot of my UI in IoC, with 40 ppl.

      I have all three sizes occupying the same footprint, bc I’m anal like that.

      Also, I’ve thought of a third addon….I may have to edit the post now lol.

  2. Battleground Spy (BGS), is another good one to get a quick report up in chat before the battle begins.
    I tend to just use it in 3 modes.
    /bgs : Gives me a personal summary of what we both have (melee, ranged & heals)
    /bgs r : Same report – just posted to BG chat
    /bgs rh : Detailed list of enemy healers: Name, race, class & spec

    I’ve found that it really serves to focus a group on healers (even PuGs) before the gates even open. Of course it can also serve to break a group’s confidence.

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