Dance, Tall People of Stormwind!

It started as a simple idea: Gnome Clone flash mob dance party in front of the engineering trainer.

The Lillis dropped our important work and converged on Stormwind.

Some of us brought rats. The rats knew how to dance, we don’t discriminate.

At first, our audience was but a single, aloof Draenei shaman, who stoically refused to join in our dancing and the joy it promised.

The call went out over the Netherweb. Dance party. Stormwind. Come, Lilli. Come dance.

More of our sisters joined us. We are 100 strong now, the Lilli army. The Clone-o-tron 5000 steadily churns out copies of the Alpha Lilli. The gnomish destiny is not to be denied.

We assembled, and danced, and the tall people of Stormwind began to take notice of this revolution in their midst. We laughed, we joked, we encouraged them to dance. For a few minutes, we cried, for a few minutes dance your cares away!

We also may have pinched a few night elves inappropriately. It’s possible. There were a lot of Lillis assembled.

Our gnomish brethren joined in. Though they are not Lilli, they understand the joy of the dance.

Stormwind woke up.

Stormwind took notice.

And Stormwind began to dance.

With St. Bippi at our lead, we knew we needed to spread the joy of the dance. A conga line was formed, a procession for joy, and FOR SCIENCE!

To the Trade District we sojourned.

Trias’ Cheese Shop was our next destination, because the only thing better than 30 dancing gnomes was 30 dancing gnomes with the finest cheese in Azeroth to sustain us.

Durotan may not have been ready for us. We understand that the marvels of modern technology are sometimes difficult for the taller races to accept.

But our message is out there, now. We are Lilli. We are strong. But we are also really good dancers.

As our farewell, we proceeded around the Trade District Fountain twice, and then payed our respects to the estimable Ms. Jaxon, of whom many gnomish limericks have been written, by flirting with her.

Then we disappeared, leaving Stormwind to wonder if it was all a dream.

There is no word yet from the authorities as to this poor shaman’s condition. We suspect that the sight of so many Lillis was too much for him to take.

Thank you to all the Lillis who participated in tonight’s impromptu flash mob. Please feel free to add your individual perspectives of tonight’s common event below in the comments. Quotes would be greatly appreciated, especially the minds getting blown in Trade Chat.

For those Lillis who missed it, we will give Durotan some time to cool down and wonder if this really happened. This was unplanned, but an expected deviation in the Lilli matrix given the source genetic material.

We are Lilli.

We are legion.

And we will dance again.


11 thoughts on “Dance, Tall People of Stormwind!

  1. “This was unplanned, but an expected deviation in the Lilli matrix given the source genetic material.”

    Oh dear lord I laughed so hard … LOL!

    Thanks for the fantastic evening, Lillies!

  2. I jumped in just after the SS’d /g conversation, to point out that IF was an easy nav, but UC was a bitch. I was entreated to come join the SW dance party, and promptly hopped on a hippogriff and then a boat – with one of the younger Lillis, who could not yet ride her noble steed – whatever steed that may be.

    I joined the dance line and started dancing, and shortly after that, the good people of Durotan started to notice us.

    It was both hilarious and exhilarating to see someone say “This is the coolest thing I’ve seen on Durotan… like, EVER”. Someone on a large protodrake stood on top of us, but only moments later he dismounted and started dancing as well. When we started walking towards the Trade District, it was FANTASTIC to see that a large number of our audience decided to FOLLOW US, to find out what we were doing and to /dance!

    I think the funniest part was at the very end of the night, when after all our dancing, our /s and /y entreaties to dance and UP GNOMEREGAN! UP LILLIS!, we went into the AH and startled some poor soul trying to do his business. “What the hell…?” was followed by our rapid-fire flirts and blown kisses, and after a few parting /yells (Including “SAVE THE JAXON, SAVE THE WORLD!”, courtesy of yours truly), we all hearthed and congratulated ourselves in /gchat.

    It was freaking awesome.

    ~Lillidan, clone #42

  3. I’m glad At was paying attention to Twitter while I was working on a boring self-evaluation. And even though our subsequent AB (with 8 clones) was a loss, it was the hell of a fun night!

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  5. I must say I’m honored to have joined the Lilli army tonight and to boogie my Gnomey little buns off with you all! Definitely must do again!

    ~LilliFay, clone #?

  6. Would be even better if we could somehow all log out at the same exact spot — then, log in one-by-one as if we were being cloned out of Lilli on the spot!

  7. I wasn’t paying attention to twitter or the twitter channel. I came out of a dungeon and saw that the chat log was full of /yells.

    “Great,” I said to myself, “another bunch of stinking spam bots filling up Stormwind.” But then I noticed something both strange and familiar, it was all coming from people named Lilli.

    I knew then that something was happening, and surely something big to have caused such a reaction from these people. But I did not know where they were or how many of them there could be until I heard the prophecy, “SAVE THE JAXON, SAVE THE WORLD!” I didn’t know Jaxon was a cheerleader, but I did know where I could find her!

    I’m the white haired female night elf on the right side of the screen in that shot. I’m one of the Lilli’s myself and even I didn’t know that this was going on. To surprise one of your own, just imagine what kind of impact that actually had on the people that have no idea who we are. 😉

  8. Aww…of all the nights for me not to check Twitter! Sounds like you all had a grand time. Glad to see that we have folks who are open to random acts of hilarity and awesomeness. ^_^

  9. “I highly suggest everyone flee the Dwarven District, because I have no idea what the hell is going on” – Trade Chat

    (I think that guy followed us around for 20 minutes. I think we have fans!)

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