Recommended PvP Addons

I know a lot of people don’t use PvP addons, but I do recommend two lightweight ones to help with your adventures in Warsong Gulch.

  • SaySapped – says “Sapped” when you are sapped by a rogue, alerting folks around you that you have been incapacitated. Very lightweight. You can modify the LUA to /y instead of /s.
  • Healers Have to Die – if you have nameplates on, HHTD will identify healers – friendly or enemy – so you know who to protect or focus. (There are two related posts on CBM.)
Another one that I recommend, that you’re likely already running, is DBM with the PvP module enabled (which is default.) DBM will display things like the current flag carrier and enemy flag carriers, timers on nodes in Arathi Basin, timers for flag respawns in WSG. It’s generally useful and should be left on. 🙂
While there are a lot of other PvP addons you could use, these are probably the two that make the biggest difference to one’s play.
(Other suggestions welcome in the comments!)
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6 thoughts on “Recommended PvP Addons

  1. Those are the three that I would point out as well. Anything else is really a matter of personal preference.

    I always suggest modifying SaySapped for Yell instead of Say for the red text color. To the human eye, red is the most drawing color in the spectrum where white is one of the most easily dismissed. When I have it set to /say I never have people pay attention to the fact that I’m sapped, where when it’s set to /yell I frequently have 1-3 people stop and turn around to look for the Rogue.

  2. Just in general I’d recommend a mod that shows enemy player cast bars and colors. It took me a long time to get used to playing with enemy player bars, but it’s very very helpful in knowing what’s coming at you, and what they’re casting. You also need to play with target bars up for HHTD to work.

    TidyPlates is what I used to use. ElvUI, which is what I use now and is a complete addon replacement system, does it too. Not sure what else is out there to recommend. Accepting input from the floor (which we are all so very near to.)

  3. Don’t forget “battleground targets”. Lists the names with class/spec information of the opposition. Also modifiable in many ways (how many people are targeting each of the opposition etc.) check it out!

  4. If you have a preference for another boss mod, then Capping will display timer bars for captures and flag carriers etc, replicating pretty much most of what DBM does in battlegrounds as well as providing persistent timers for the next wintergrasp/tol barad providing you have been able to at least see the last timer since you logged on.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about DBM. I have it turned off on lowbs to save some resources since they don’t enter the prime dungeons and raids. I will make sure to enable at least the PvP module.

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