Lillistrider is BEST Strider

I was thinking about this last night – what should Lilli ride? Should we have a standard mount, a recommended mount set, or just let folks ride whatever they like?

Let’s leave this open until, say, Friday?


24 thoughts on “Lillistrider is BEST Strider

  1. I voted unpainted. I’d never seen an unpainted strider until I bought one for giggles this weekend, and it’s so delightfully mechanical and robotic, so devoid of feeling and emotion that it’s perfect for a group of nearly robotic clones of destruction.

  2. Oh, this reminds me: a few of us Lillies were talking about whether we should have a standardized non-combat pet. I suggested that since we’re all engineers we should use an engineering pet, and a few other people chimed in that we should all use mechanical squirrels. XD

    • Will we be able to create them with Lilli? I have … 4 other engineers on Durotan, I’m sure I can help this supply if need be.

      • The schematic is a drop (from a huge variety of mobs, most of them lower than level 20) and only requires Engineering 75 to learn, so that should be easy for us to make if we can get our hands on the schematic. It’s also pretty cheap in terms of mats: Requires Copper Modulator, Handful of Copper Bolts, Copper Bar, Malachite (2)

    • I mentioned the Alliance balloons as well, just because they’re so easy to obtain and … because they’re balloons.

  3. No Gnomes on Elekks?
    No Gnomes on long-toothed, black striped cats?

    I don’t think we can do the Black ones, can we? I think someone mentioned on twitter yesterday that the pvp mounts are epic ground only and do not scale back to normal riding.

  4. Oh, also, I just looked up all the Mechanostriders and it looks like the Black one requires level 40 and epic riding, so we won’t be able to get it if our XP is locked at level 24. 😦

    • Lilliloki completely agrees.

      Lillivanilli on the other hand, couldn’t care less about your demon pony. She’s more in favor of Tyrael’s Charger. πŸ˜‰

  5. Are we clones or are we ROBOCLONES? This far and no further in the face of compliance goes Lilli, Lilli wants a kitty!

    … I am okay with using a mechanostrider for formation marches, however.

    Also, alliance balloons. Punching orcs in the face with a balloon is best.

    • Quite honestly I was planning to collect other mounts, use my warlock mount and my Winged Guardian while doing random stuff, but I would totally use a standard mechanostrider mount in guild bgs and for Gnome Clone events. Best of both worlds, I say! πŸ™‚

  6. Off-topic, but mentioned in the comments; Alliance balloons would be the bee’s knees for the “official” pet — requires no plans or mats, it’s easy to get and looks hilarious coming at you from across the battlefield.

  7. I will point out that the balloon does present some challenges at times when it comes to click-targeting. Since the balloons are higher than character level unlike the vast majority of other pets, they do get in the way.

    That can be both a good thing and a bad thing for people who are used to clicking. Particularly those who haven’t used a macro to extend their camera range.

  8. I think a standard issue battle mount is a good idea for the BG’s, and outside of BG’s should be completely open to Lilli choice.

    I wonder if that can be done via macro…mount based on PvP/non-PvP location…. /research

    • I use Guppet as my mount/pet add on and it has tons of options for mount summoning. You can tell it which mounts to summon in which areas/instances/bgs or just let it summon entirely random mounts. If you never want it to call a specific mount it will ignore that mount too (like, if you have the elekks because you’re a collector but never want to actually use them you can have it ignore elekks.) It’s an amazing add on, and I plan to have it summon random mounts out in the world and my standard Lilli-issue mount in bgs.

  9. I vote for Lilli’s choice. I have a strider and it’s… meh. It makes me seasick. I’m farming SW rep now for a horsie \o/

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