50 + Gnome Clones

I logged in tonight to find that we’d reached 50 Lillis in the US chapter of <Punt This>. That’s … wow. Incredible. An unstoppable army of gnome clones.

The guild <Punt This> is operational with a 4 tab gbank, which is rapidly filling up with bags and mats. Amicus Fidelis has been a great host, and you’re welcome to stay there and enjoy the perks, but the PT gbank has a lot more goodies. 🙂

All the Lillis have ginvite rights, so feel free to move over at your leisure.

Leveling is continuing apace, with Alas hitting the first 24 (yay Alas!) on Lilli. She’s all grown up!

Battlegrounds and Dungeon runs haven’t waited until level 24 to get started – so far it looks like most instances don’t require a tank. Let’s see how things go with Gnomer!

For Gnomeregan!


2 thoughts on “50 + Gnome Clones

  1. I know I keep saying this, but I am honestly blown away by having so many people express an interest in this project. I think it will be great fun. As more people hit 24 and get their gear upgrades, hitting the BGs will be awesome.

    • Thanks to all that set this up and got it going… I’m having so much fun with this! =)

      I don’t play gnomes (until now) and I haven’t “twinked” (until now) and haven’t pvp’d below level cap (until now)… see what you have wrought?!


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