Building the Clone Army

The idea started with Alas: PvPing with a bunch of similarly-named toons was a lot of fun, wouldn’t it be fun if we can do it all again?

Then the Gnome Clones document was handed out on Twitter this morning, and the brainstorming began.

The goal is simple enough: create an army of twinked clones that will allow folks to take a break from their normal WoW lives and experience the fun of some light-hearted PvP. Instead of heirlooms, find good gear that everyone can get.

We picked two servers, one US, one EU, but realistically you could do this kind of thing anywhere. You can do this with your own guild, right now, just say guys, let’s build some lowbie twinks and go have fun as a guild on them. Make them look identical, so that your opponents are bewildered, and so that you laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

We welcome you to join us, or just go do this on your own. Twinkin’ ain’t easy, but it ain’t rocket science, either.

We have standards of appearance and profession.

We have a standard set of gear.

We are the Gnome Clone Army.

(And we’re here to have fun.)


6 thoughts on “Building the Clone Army

  1. I thought you guys were nuts until I read about the PvP element. Sounds like fun. I am trying to think of the opposing teams reaction with an army of Gnomes headed across the “The Office”.

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  3. Oh My! I can only imagine coming into a battleground as a horde player with a full raid of little gnome clones running at me…

    gnome infestation!!

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